Why I Always Have A Pillow Spray On My Bedside Table

Why I Always Have A Pillow Spray On My Bedside Table

Beauty Sleep isn’t a myth; as the sun goes down our body moves from ‘defend’ to ‘repair’ mode, allowing it to focus on the vital process of regeneration and protection. Overnight our skin renewal rate almost doubles, collagen production rises,…

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MAC Minis – Overview

Is there anything cuter than mini beauty products? I think not, especially in regards to mini MAC lipsticks: the sweetest, dinkiest little products around that are deceivingly practical and come in a wide array of shades including all the cult favourites such as Velvet Teddy and beyond. If that’s not enough, there’s an entire range of MAC mini’s waiting to be discovered, regardless if all your summer entails is a brisk stroll around the park, let alone an exotic holiday.

Fairly freshly launched is the new MAC Fix + Vibes Setting Sprays (£12): 7 new varieties, all with various scents and almost aromatherapy-like benefits. I am tempted to purchase the other 6 offerings within the range but as I only have one face, I settled on MAC Fix + Calm. As you can imagine, it is fairly gently scented and aims to help the user relax as well as setting make-up and/or refreshing the complexion. In my opinion, it almost reminds me in terms of fragrance as ringing close to fabric softener? It’s not awful but in hindsight, I’d probably pick a different option – maybe something more fruity? Regardless, it’s great to see brands embrace the ideal of wellness alongside cosmetics.

One of the products a lot of people seem to find intimidating is MAC Strobe Cream. I get it, it’s one of those beauty items that’s everyone seems to love but very few, tend to explain how they use it. In essence it is a liquid-come-cream highlighter but a subtle one at that, it delivers more of a glow to the skin for a radiant finish rather than a blinding flash of light. To use, you can apply all over the face (and body), to targeted areas, use with or without make-up and of course mix it into all manner of bases. If you still aren’t completely sold, then snap up a mini MAC Strobe Cream (£10)(I have the shade Pinklite) and then decide if it is for you. Heck even if you are a fan and want to try a new shade, then the mini option is also for you as a little goes a long way.

The MAC product I’ve never really understood? MAC C-Thru Lipglass (£12), just about every person I know adores this milky-almost-transparent nude hue and yet I’ve never quite been nearly as enamours as everyone else. I’ve popped it in my online basket several times only to wuss out at the final hurdle, that was until I found it in mini form. Now that I’ve tried it, I’ll admit that it is a nice enough shade but I’m still not completely enamoured and doubt I’ll reach for this often. That’s the beauty of the mini sizes, it’s a lot easier to use them up (especially the items you aren’t fully sold on) to avoid product guilt.

Due to the bulky packaging of MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara (£12) it doesn’t exactly appear to be mini but for those that are regular travellers, rest assure it is a fairly compact 4g in weight and more than complies to the TSA flight requirements. As a mascara it pains me to say, it is fairly average but does deliver a good level of volume and is ultra black. If you have good natural eyelashes you’ll probably enjoy this more than those amongst us with fine, straight lashes.

And now we circle back to the ever admired and collected MAC Mini Lipsticks (£10). For the longest time I’ve been meaning to try the MAC lipstick shade Please Me but as I’m so fickle – and frankly need another pink lipstick like a hole in the head- I decided that a mini was the only way to go. Frankly given the recent price hike within MAC lipsticks (£17.50 each) this may be the way forward. I’m pleased to say (geddit?) that MAC Please Me is a delightful, dusty rose hue that works wonderfully both as a lipstick and a cream blush.

There’s a lot of MAC products that have been given the mini make-over treatment, sadly foundation and cheek products have yet to make such list but here’s hoping one day they join the ranks.

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