BREAKING NEWS: Marie Claire Names Motives® X Amber Essential Collection “Best New Face Palette” Launched in November 2022!

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Team, we have absolutely tremendous news to share with you as Marie Claire magazine has just named Motives® X Amber Essential Collection the“Best New Face Palette” launched in November 2022!

This is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on our 20% off Black Friday promotion with Mastercard which ends November 28th, and score a great deal on our popular Motives® X Amber Essential Collection!!! With Marie Claire featuring this amazing product – this is the perfect time to grab one of the hottest new palettes of 2022 with a great discount on SHOP.COM!




BREAKING NEWS: Marie Claire Names Motives® X Amber Essential Collection “Best New Face Palette” Launched in November 2022!

Team, we have absolutely tremendous news to share with you as Marie Claire magazine has just named Motives® X Amber Essential Collection the“Best New Face Palette” launched in

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How to Make Concealer Last Longer

Concealer is a makeup staple that can do wonders to cover up dark circles, blemishes and other imperfections. However, it’s not uncommon for concealer to crease or fade after just a few hours of wear. If you want your concealer to last longer, follow the following tips on how to make concealer last longer below.

How to Make Concealer Last Longer

Use a Makeup Setting Spray

Setting spray is another good way to make your makeup last longer. These sprays are water-based and contain ingredients which are designed to help lock your makeup in place, all day long.

How does it work? Setting sprays help set all of the products that go on top of your skin. From eyeshadow to lipstick. By using them, it’ll mean your makeup doesn’t rub off as easily or transfer onto clothing or other surfaces.

They also make skin feel smoother by adding a thin layer of moisture between layers of makeup. This is especially helpful if you’re using heavier or mattifying foundations underneath your powder and blush/bronzer.

What should I look for in a setting spray? When choosing an oil-free formula, opt for one with hyaluronic acid (which is used in moisturizers). This ingredient has hydrating properties, so it can give extra moisture to dry areas while locking down makeup at the same time.

Set It with Translucent Powder

If you want your makeup to last longer, use makeup setting powder to set your makeup in to place. Not only will setting powder help to lock your concealer and foundation into place, but it’ll also help seamlessly blend your makeup products together seamlessly.

If you’re using a matte setting powder, make sure not to apply too much product, as this can cause creasing. You can try to apply your powder with a powder puff, like the BeautyBlender Power Pocket Puff, which will lightly press the powder into the skin, without leaving the skin looking *too* powdery.

How to Make Concealer Last Longer

When in Doubt, Prime It Out

If your concealer is starting to wear off quicker than you’d like, it’s time to step up your game and add a makeup primer to your beauty routine. Primers help makeup stay in place, but they also help minimise imperfections (depending on their formula / ingredients) whilst creating an even canvas for the rest of your makeup application.

So what exactly is a primer? It’s basically a pre-makeup product that has been designed specifically with one purpose: To make everything else you apply on top last longer (and look better).

There are many different types of primers out there—some are made for oily skin, others are made for dry or aging skin—but all of them have one thing in common: They provide an extra layer between your skin and whatever else comes next (like your concealer and foundation).

If you’re not sure which type of primer will work best for you, consider these guidelines:

If you have oily skin, you could consider a primer like the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer or the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Face Primer. This type of formula will absorb excess oil, which can help to prevent your makeup from breaking up throughout the day.

Look into hydrating formulas if you suffer from dry patches, you’d do well with a primer like the Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. If you have wrinkles/fine lines/dullness around the eyes, consider the Lancome Énergie de Vie Eye Contour Concentrate. Both of these primers will make your makeup look better, but also stop your concealer from wearing away too soon.

Blot It, Don’t Rub It

When you apply concealer, it’s best to blot it on in a very light layer. That way, you can go back and reapply more product if necessary without feeling like you’ve caked it on. If your concealer is already dry, try using a tissue or an oil blotting sheet to pat the area where you want the concealer on your face. This will help keep things from getting too heavy. Alternatively, you could use a sponge to buff off excess product before applying any more layers of concealer.

Stay Away from Oily Sunscreens, Lotions and Creams

Just as the name suggests, oil-based products are made of oils. Oils are slippery, and they’re not good for your concealer to be sitting on top of. If you apply an oil-based product right before you put your makeup on, it will break down the makeup underneath (this includes foundations) and make everything slide off your face.

Adjust Your Concealer Based on Your Skin Type

  • If you have oily skin, use a lightweight concealer. This will help prevent creasing, as it won’t be heavy enough to settle into fine lines on your face.
  • On the other hand, if you have dry skin, opt for something moisturizing instead like an oil-free hydrating formula that won’t clog pores or accentuate flakes when used under the eyes (or anywhere else).
  • For those with combination skin types between oily and dry areas on the face – such as around cheeks – consider using both types depending on where they’re needed most: A lightweight formula for under eye circles and another one with more moisture for blemishes elsewhere; this way everything stays balanced without being too thick or greasy.

How to Make Concealer Last Longer

Keep Oil-Blotting Sheets Handy at All Times

Oil blotting sheets are a godsend when it comes to controlling oil and shine. They’re great for any time you need to remove excess oil, but can be especially helpful when it comes to keeping your concealer looking fresh.

Here’s how you use them:

  • Take an oil blotting sheet, which is designed to soak up excess oils on the skin and leave behind only the moisture that’s important for hydration and healthy skin. (If you don’t have one handy, a piece of toilet paper works just as well.)
  • Apply the sheet directly onto your face where needed. Typically around the nose area if you have oily skin or around both cheeks if you need more coverage there. Rub gently until no visible residue remains on your face.

Overall, you want to make sure you’re using the right type of concealer and applying it correctly. Use a moisturizing one that won’t dry out fast on your skin, and apply it with your fingers or a brush. If you need more coverage, try layering different kinds of concealers together to create a thicker layer.