Enjoy A UK Staycation with Bardsea Leisure

Since the start of the global crisis, our holiday plans have all had to change to fit in with the new ‘normal’ with the rules and regulations. Whilst life is getting back to the ‘old’ normal, travel plans are still so up in the air, which is why UK staycations have become so popular.

Enjoy A UK Staycation with Bardsea Leisure

If you are thinking about holidaying in the UK, you might consider a caravan or motorhome holiday. The freedom of a caravan or motorhome holiday means that you can go where you want, when you want, without worrying about hotel rooms or parking your car. In modern caravans or motorhomes, you also have your own kitchen and bathroom facilities, so you don’t have to share these with anyone else other than your family.

There are many campsites across the UK where you can stay with a caravan or motorhome, and there are also plenty of retailers around the country where you can buy your own caravan or motorhome for your travels.

If you are in Cumbria, you might like to check out Bardsea Leisure who are a supplier of new and used Bailey of Bristol caravans and motorhomes. Bardsea Leisure also offer other manufacturers such as Swift. Alongside sales, Bardsea Leisure also run their own caravan park set in a 10 acre site, so you can try out your new purchase straight away if you fancy a stay in the Lake District.’

Enjoy A UK Staycation with Bardsea Leisure

What Are The Benefits Of Buying a Bailey of Bristol Motorhome or Caravan?

Bailey of Bristol is the Nation’s Favourite manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes. Founded over 70 years ago in South Bristol. Bailey vehicles are some of the best engineered and most technically advanced available, keeping customers comfortable and safe in all weathers and conditions.

By opting for Bailey of Bristol caravans and motorhomes, you’re getting the best of British, and you’ll be able to find the perfect vehicle for your family, and your family’s needs.

The layout of your motorhome or caravan is vitally important, to ensure it caters for your needs, so I wanted to share a selection of models within their current ranges, to give you an idea of what Bailey of Bristol have to offer and can be purchased from Bailey retailers like Bardsea Leisure;

Phoenix 650 Caravan – if you have a large family, this model could be perfect for you, and it sleeps upto five people, and offers great panoramic views thanks to the placement of large window panels.

Pegasus Grande SE Messina Caravan – if you’re looking for a home from home, this model is very luxurious and roomy, sleeping up to four people, and it’s roomy enough that there’s room for a double bed too.

Autograph 81-6 Motorhome – it doesn’t get much more luxurious than this model of motorhome. Sleeping up to an impressive six people, and amazing attention to detail with luxury soft furnishings, and even offers a dual finish ʻCashmereʼ gloss Italian design overhead curved locker doors.

Enjoy A UK Staycation with Bardsea Leisure

Looking at motorhomes or caravans online, it might be difficult to imagine what it would be like to step inside and look around, which is where the Bailey of Bristol 360° virtual tours come in handy, thanks to the Caravan Virtual Showroom, and the motorhome virtual showroom, as it feels like you’re physically standing inside one of the caravan or motorhomes.

If you fancy finding out more about Bailey of Bristol, I’d recommend keeping an eye on the Bailey of Bristol News & Events page on their website, as it’s the go-to place to keep up to date on all of the Bailey news, as well as finding out information on using their models for self-contained holidays, travel inspiration and product news too.

You might not be able to jet off to your perfect foreign travel destination right now, but you can enjoy an amazing UK staycation, and once you’ve experienced the freedom and comfort of a motorhome or caravan, you’ll never look back. 

5 Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles In Your Home

I don’t know about you, but I love burning scented candles, especially in the evening, as part of my relaxing and unwinding ritual each night. I have a vast collection of scented candles from affordable brands, through to the more luxurious and more pricey candles, and I enjoy the benefits of burning scented candles. Keep on reading to find out what the benefits of burning scented candles in your home are….

5 Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles In Your Home

1. Candle Light Can Help You Relax and De-Stress

There are many ways to relax and de-stress, from aromatherapy to yoga. However, one of the most natural ways to relieve stress is by using candlelight.

Candlelight is a way of creating an intimate atmosphere in your home. It can be used as a light source or as a decorative piece which will make your home more welcoming.

Candlelight can help you de-stress: an hour in front of candlelight can release calming hormones and reduce cortisol levels, which is linked to stress and anxiety. It also helps you sleep better at night.

2. It’s a Great Way to Add Warmth and Ambiance to Your Home

The foremost benefit of installing a fire is that it provides you with amazing ambiance. There’s something about sitting in front of a fireplace on a cold winter evening that can’t be replicated in any other way. It’s something that we’ve been doing for centuries, and there’s no sign of us stopping anytime soon.

More than just being aesthetically pleasing, fireplaces also provide a classic sense of comfort. There is no more relaxing feeling than sitting next to the fire with a glass of wine and your favourite book, or curling up next to it on the sofa with loved ones. It really does make all the difference when you need to unwind after a long day at work.

5 Benefits Of Burning Scented Candles In Your Home

3. It Releases Emotional Scents that Can Make You Feel Calm or Happy

The scent of a candle can deeply influence the mood of those around it. A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that many people find a candlelit room to be more relaxing and soothing. And according to the study, some scents such as lavender can make you calm and happy.

4. They Can Improve the Air Quality in Your Home and Lower Stress Levels for Everyone in the Home

A recent study by the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine found that using candles and essential oils lower stress levels for everyone in the home.

The study was conducted on 29 participants who were exposed to six different scents in a controlled setting. The participants were given a questionnaire – before and after exposure to each scent – to measure their mood, stress level, and anxiety level. The researchers found that candles improved moods and lowered stress levels, with aromas like lavender or vanilla often being the most effective at lowering anxiety.

5. They’re an Effective Way to Fight off Negative Energy from Other Rooms

Candles are an effective way to fight off the negative energy from other rooms in your home. They offer a sense of warmth and comfort that you don’t get from other items. You can use candles for creating ambiance, aromatherapy, or for burning away bad vibes.

There’s many benefits of burning scented candles in your home, but overall, they’re relaxing, and can really help or improve your mood, as well as helping you to feel cosy and comfortable too.

The Secret To Beautiful Looking Skin? Evening Primrose Oil Is The Supplement You Never Knew You Could Benefit From

The Secret To Beautiful Looking Skin? Evening Primrose Oil Is The Supplement You Never Knew You Could Benefit From

ADVERTORIAL FEATURE | In Partnership With Efamol Evening Primrose Oil In the quest for smooth, supple and radiant skin it’s safe to say I’ve probably tried everything going; if there’s a new serum I’ll apply it, if there’s a new…

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5 Simple Beauty Mantras To Live By Every Day For Better Skin

5 Simple Beauty Mantras To Live By Every Day For Better Skin

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Mother’s Day Gifting with Margaret Dabbs London

– This post contains sponsored content – Mother’s Day is right around the corner but so is so many other gifting opportunities from birthdays to anniversaries and all that’s in-between. With the beauty sector being closed for the best part of a year due to current restrictions, I think we all would welcome a little at-home pampering session and my favourite hand and foot care brand, Margaret Dabbs London, couldn’t have made this easier nor more luxurious with two glorious gift sets to select from.

If you aren’t already familiar with Margaret Dabbs London you are in for a treat. One of their claims to fame is being pioneers of the Medical Pedicures. Promise me one thing – once lockdown restrictions lift, that you’ll look into a Margaret Dabbs London pedicure? When I say it is life changing, I mean that with not as much as a smidgen of over exaggeration. It’s been a year since I was last sat in a Margaret Dabbs London chair and yet despite no upkeep on my part, my feet are still in great condition. I truly couldn’t recommend their services enough but until then, I’m afraid you are going to have to take your foot care into your own hands!

First up we have the super luxurious and indulgent Margaret Dabbs London Mother’s Day Luxurious Gift Set (£100 – link). This showstopper features 4 items that have been carefully selected to care and treat not only the hands and feet but also the legs and nails too. Think of it as a care package that will cater to all the little areas we all so often neglect. I rather enjoy that both the luxury hand and foot creams within this set are not only supersized (meaning they’ll last far longer) but also in pump-dispenser bottles for ease of use. The firming leg serum is nothing short of pampering, gently cooling and soothing aching legs (ideal for anyone who is constantly on their feet) and the anti-ageing hand serum is not only great for helping to prevent tell-tale signs of getting older but in general nourishing the hands, nails and cuticles.

Looking for something a little smaller? The Margaret Dabbs Special Moments Gift Set (£45 – link) ticks so many boxes: well-priced, full of wonderful self-care goodies, all of which are full sized. From nourishing hand and foot lotions to a nail & cuticle serum and glass nail file, this beautifully curated gift set contains all you need for an at home manicure and pedicure. This would also be my pick for anyone new to the brand or simply anyone who has yet to discover the joys of taking good care of your hands and feet.

Which ever set you chose to gift, be that to yourself or loved one, I am more than sure the recipient will be overjoyed with the contents!

You can shop both Margaret Dabbs Gift Sets and more here – link

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