Hydrating toners for Combination Skin

Hihi everyone, I hope all is well. Today we are talking toners! If you are looking for a new toner to try, I hope you find this post helpful

Toners/waters/essences are they really necessary? Afterall, if serums are most important and you have cleansed properly, do you really need this step? The answer is NO. Toners, essences etc are completely optional but its a great way to layer your skincare and build hydration for all skin types

There’s so many types of toners available but in this post I’m talking about hydrating toners only. There are no acids in here( another post). These types of toners can be paired with any ingredients and great for all skintypes and concerns. These are my fav hydrating toners I have used and love

Garnier Rose Toner This is a great budget friendly toner from Boots and did you know its an exact dupe for the Pixi Rose Tonic? Ive used both, love both and they both work the same. They are very gentle and soothing on the skin and doesn’t dry it out.

Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Hydrating Smoothing Toner this was a surprising toner for me. my SIL bought this for me to try and I really liked it. It’s packed with hydrating, soothing ingredients and even some fermented ingredients. It helps to hydrate and repair the skin and also pairs well with other actives.

CosRX Full Propolis Toner– I got this off Stylevana because I was looking to try a range of k beauty toners. This is a really popular one and I can see why its loved. Its a nice hydrating toner and its ‘thick’ enough to dispense into the palms and pat into the skin. I had no irritation with it

Fresh Antioxdiant Black Tea Essence – this baby right here is worth the pounds! She’s not cheap that’s why I also have a k-beauty dupe for you! The Kaine kombu balancing ampoule toner is very similar to the Fresh one! Its not as hydrating nor does it leave my skin as glowy BUT I really like it too. both of these toners are packed with antioxidants, hydrating and repair ingredients to help heal & nourish the skin

Next I will do a round up of my fav acid based toners! I used to LOVE these and tried a lot of them!

If you think you need a little bit more hydration in your routine, try adding a hydrating toner layer before your serum, day & night and see if that helps! I have normal to combo skin which turns more oily in the warm weather and using a hydrating toner is a good way of ensuring my skin stays hydrated through the day/night. These can also be layered on top of acid based toners( acid first) and its a great way to ease yourself into acid toners too actually

I hope this helps and catch you later in my next post!


AXIS-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum Review

hihi everyone, I hope all is well. Today I have a full review on the Axis Y Dark spot serum I have been using for the last 2 months

This serum is described as rich in several brighthening ingredients (like niacinamide and sea bucktorn) and will help to improve the overall complexion of the skin. As the packaging comes with a pump dispenser, the serum is easily to dose and therefore also easy to use. On top of niacinamide, you will find here plant-derived squalane. It makes skin soft and supple without greasiness or stickiness. Rice which is rich in over 100 types of antioxidants like vitamin E and ferulic acid and omega fatty acids will fight free radicals and bring anti-ageing properties. The serum contains also calendula, a wound healing plant extract containing flavanoids that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities. Finally, sea bucktorn, rich in vitamin C, omega 3, 6 and 9 and many antioxidants, calms down inflammation, boosts hydration, and is known for its soothing, protective abilities. Suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive skin.


I was been using this serum from the 6/4 to the 8/6 in my nightly routine. It is a lightweight watery serum that sinks into the skin with ease. I have no irritation with it. It has a mild scent but nothing offensive, its almost herbal but doesn’t linger too longer. It doesn’t pill with other products and it pairs well with other active like acids and retinols. It doesn’t leave a sticky residue

I find this serum hydrating which was surprising to me because Niacinamide usually dries out my skin, usually at 10% conc so I can only use it for a few days at a time. I think this works well for my skin because its at 5% and paired with other hydrating and soothing ingredients. For this I like it however for the main reason why I got it, I don’t find it effective

This serum claims to be an effective dark spot correcting serum which is my main reason for purchasing. I am very prone to and suffer from hyperpigmentation. Did this serum fade any dark spots? NO. it did absolutely nothing to them! I have a patch on my cheek that remained the same through out! Did it leave my skin glowing? Somewhat, my overall complexion was healthier but I cant say its due to this serum only but a combo of this and the Ramsou 100% bifida. You can read my full review here


If you suffer from hyperpigmentation, this is NOT the serum you would get to tackle it, if you were very serious about fading it. To be totally honest I got this because of its popularity and whilst I’m not 100% disappointed with it, I really wont recommend it for hyperpigmentation. I really like its hydrating & soothing properties, and I like its packed with antioxidants and does really well with other actives. I also like the 5% niacinamide and the fact that I can use it regularly without drying me out.

Will I repurchase this again, solely to treat pigmentation-NO. I do however have a mini travel size version that I will use on trips because of the hydration and soothing properties

I purchased mine from Stylevana but if you know their shipping takes SO LONG! I don’t recommend you get it from there. its only £3 more on Amazon and you can get it on prime so it comes literally the next day. Its really frustrating shopping on SV because even though items say shipped within 24hrs, it can actually take up to 10 days to ship then another 10-15 days to get the items! sigh. I made another order on 24th May, as of 14June its not here!

Thats all folks! I started using Suprafade this month and I really cant wait to share those results with you!

No7 Future Renew SPF50 Review

hello hello, I hope you are doing good! We have another SPF review today and its my latest favorite, the No7 Future Renew SPF50

This is described as

No7 Future Renew™ Defence Shield UV SPF 50 is expertly developed to help protect against visible signs of sun damage. DAMAGE PROTECTION: Formulated with SPF 50 to help protect skin from visible damage caused by UV: uneven skin tone, fine lines & wrinkles, and dryness LIGHTWEIGHT MOISTURISATION: This lightweight No7 day cream leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated. NO WHITE CAST: The invisible, fast-absorbing texture is suitable for all skin tones and creates the perfect base for makeup

UV sunlight is the No1 cause of visible skin damage. A lack of sun protection can lead to visible signs of skin damage. With 80% of premature skin ageing caused by the sun, don’t let the clouds fool you, daily incidental sun damage can accumulate over time, causing the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and dryness. This lightweight, invisible No7 finish formula leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated, while helping to provide a defence shield against UV in sunlight. Formulated with our highest & and lightest SPF 50 sun protection, age-defying peptide technology, and hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate.


I have experienced no irritation and it did not sting my eyes. The scent isn’t a strong SPF scent, its very mild

I bought this after speaking with the sales advisor and testing a bit of it on my hands. I had actually picked up a different SPF however she mentioned that the No7 one was better so of course I asked her if it left a white cast on dark skin. She said no and pointed that she actually had it on( under her makeup) she was a black woman so if she said it was invisible I was intrigued and the deal at the time also sealed it for came up to £14 lol

This SPF is super watery and lightweight and it sinks very nicely into the skin. It feels like I have nothing on and it works really well under makeup too. It leaves a glowing hydrated finish but its not greasy or look oily. I really really like this SPF! My friend with oily skin really loves this too. I have normal to combo skin and it works so well for it.

I LOVE this SPF. It layers so well on top of each other like there is 0 pilling! I tested this to the max whilst I was on holiday. I must have layered it at least 4 times and had 0 pill and 0 white cast. Of course after that many layers it starts to feel slightly heavy but I find this with all SPFs. Its very hydrating too . Is it invisible on dark skin?: judge for yourselves below


In addition to high protection broad-spectrum protection, this SPF also has peptides and sodium hyaluronate for extra benefits. I have to admit this SPF pleasantly surprised me. I have a love hate relationship with No7 skincare so in all honestly I don’t even know why I agreed to get this lool but I’m so glad I did because it worked so well when I took it on holiday. I even used it on my body and it worked really well.

100% recommend this sunscreen

This is £24.95 in Boots

Dr V Inzincable SPF50 Review

hihi everyone, I hope all is well. Today I have another sunscreen try on and review for you. This time I am talking about mineral sunscreen and the Inzincable SPF50 from Dr V which claims to be 100% invisible on dark skin

The Inzincable SPF is described as The world’s first no ‘white cast’ mineral sunscreen for skin of colour. With anti-pigmentation, anti-inflammatory ingredients. No fragrance, essential oils or drying alcohols. Broad Spectrum SPF50 ‘Invisible’ Mineral Suncream. For the face & body, men & women, all ages (2+). Normal/dry/combi/sensitive skin.


I have been using this sunscreen for a while now and I have had no irritation with it. I use the standard 2 fingers rule when applying all sunscreens

The SPF has a lotion texture and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. It applies easy and doesn’t pile which I love. It wears well under makeup and doesn’t sting the eyes.

Is this invisible on dark skin? NO! this SPF makes some huge claims but it is simply not 100% cast free on my skin. Its not the WORST cast I have experienced and it looks VERY deceiving in some photos and lighting lol but I can tell there is a visible cast on my skin. I wont be able to leave the house with this, I would definitely have to cover with powder foundation. I also find it difficult to blend around the hairline because it sticks to the hairs on the hairline.

In the photo below, I have tried to point out where you can see the cast where it may not be so obvious because honestly in some lights it looks blended into my skin


It is not the worst cast I have experienced from a sunscreen. For a mineral SPF I think its pretty good. The issue is the massive claim of been the world’s first cast free mineral SPF for dark skin which is simply untrue. What I also found was using a small amount of the SPF leaves no cast however that is not a true indication of the product because who uses a very small amount of SPF? not me anyways, I always use the recommended amount to get the full sun protection stated on the product. For most people this is two fingers full and using this amount results in the cast above

Will I repurchase? No and it simply comes down to ease of use. I want a sunscreen I can use and go out the door without having to camouflage it with makeup and I simply cant do that with this product. To be totally honest, I don’t know if I will ever get that from mineral sunscreens which is why I tend to stick to chemical sunscreens.

This product is available on Dr V’s website along with her other offerings for hyperpigmentation. I haven’t used any other product from her range but I have met her once at an event a while back.

Im still very interested in looking for mineral sunscreens this year so my search continues!

catch you later

Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV SPF50 Review

hihi all, I hope all is well and good with you! Summer is right on the way so I thought I will bring you a series of reviews for sunscreens! For some people summer is the season they wear SPF so I’m hoping these reviews come in handy.

Today Im talking about the Garnier Vitamin C Daily UV SPF50. This is a gifted product. This product is described as This Daily UV Fluid combines a very high protection SPF50+ (UVA, UVB & long UVA) to help prevent dark spots, with Vitamin C* known for its efficacy on boosting brightness and improving complexion. It also contains Peptides known to smooth skin and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate with an invisible lightweight formula.


I experienced no irritation with it and it did not sting my eyes.

The texture is lightweight and watery and it sinks into the skin with ease. It does have a alcohol scent but it doesn’t linger. This is a chemical SPF

Is it invisible on dark skin? YES. this SPF is 100% on the skin as shown in my pics below

Feel on skin– upon initial application, the SPF feels hydrating and lightweight and even leaves a semi dewy finish however once fully dry its matte and I feel leaves my skin dry. What I do not like about this product is the fact that it pills when dry. Once fully dry if you touch your face it starts to pill. I don’t like it under makeup because of this. It doesn’t pair well with some primers and because it leaves my skin dry & a bit tight, I can feel that underneath my makeup


On paper this SPF sounds so good. It has peptides, Vit c and hyaluronic acid in addition to high factor broad spectrum protection however the matte finish and pilling for me makes this unenjoyable

I wont recommend this particular SPF because Garnier have a lot of amazing SPFs that are also invisible but no pilling!

Make sure you visit my insta to see a video demo!

This SPF is £12.99 in Boots