Moroccanoil Purple Treatment Review

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Moroccanoil Purple Treatment

I am always looking for products that keep my blonde hair colour true without stripping moisture. I think I have hit on a brilliant addition to my haircare routine with the new Moroccanoil Purple Treatment. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Moroccanoil Purple Treatment?

Moroccanoil Purple Treatment
Moroccanoil Purple Treatment

This is the Moroccanoil Treatment, but with purple pigments to colour correct blonde, highlighted and grey hair:

  • Lightweight formula
  • Designed to effectively remove brassiness and yellow and orange hues
  • Helps to make coloured hair salon-fresh
  • Smooths, detangles, nourishes and brightens
  • Speeds up drying time
  • Helps protect against thermal damage
  • Enriched with argan oil and fatty acid-rich linseed extract

Key Ingredients

  • Argan Oil –  antioxidant-rich plant oil that hydrates and nourishes
  • Linsee – ingredient packed full of nourishing fatty acids, including Omega-3

How to use it

You can use this 2-3 times per week or as needed. Apply a small amount onto damp or dry hair and brush through. It protects against thermal heat from a hair dryer. If you are using a heat tool, use an extra heat protection product.

My Review of Moroccanoil Purple Treatment

Moroccanoil Purple Treatment colour and texture
Moroccanoil Purple Treatment colour and texture

I first had a demo of this on dry hair in Selfridges in London when it launched, and absolutely loved it. Here’s a little video showing you that:

I have since used it a couple of times at home on damp hair after washing and really love the results.

It has a beautiful light texture, yet I only need a couple of pumps. If you have fine hair, you will most probably need less. The oil itself is bright purple, but it doesn’t stain the skin and the consistency sinks in really well and leaves the hair feeling moisturised yet light.

Moroccanoil Purple Treatment colour and texture
Moroccanoil Purple Treatment colour and texture

I have been using this as the first step on clean damp hair and find it so easy to use. I smooth it through the lengths and ends, then gently brush it through and then continue with whatever other styling products I wish to use.

The Moroccanoil Purple Treatment is incredibly effective at neutralising any brassy tones in my hair and it really leaves the blonde looking clean and bright, which is just how I love it.

Moroccanoil Purple Treatment Review
Moroccanoil Purple Treatment Review

The big bonus is that it really adds suppleness and shine to the hair. I have tried quite a few different purple products for blonde hair over the years, but while many of them help to remove brassiness, they don’t leave my hair feeling quite as soft and conditioned as this. I absolutely love this, and as you only need a small amount, I think that £15.45 for the 25ml bottle is very reasonable.

If you want even more enhanced results, you could pair this with a purple shampoo and conditioner, but I find it actually works really well on it own on my hair. It also smells amazing. Great!

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Where to buy Moroccanoil Purple Treatment

It is £15.45 for 25ml and available via the link below:


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