NARS Satin Lip Pencils Review

Hello my wonderful Makeup Geeks! Today I have a review for you of the NARS Satin Lip Pencils. I am not usually a huge fan of lip pencils just because they can be drying, but I really like these. The come in typical crayon fashion, are available in 13 shades and are really good. The one I am wearing now is “Yu”.

These are on the higher-end price wise which is typical for NARS as it is a high-end cosmetics company. These sell for $25.00 and contain .07 ounces of product. I do love that these are very moisturizing and even after they start to come off and have worn for a while they appear as a lip stain and not just a regular lipstick or pencil. The great thing about this is if you want to wear one of the brighter shades, but you are leery of bolder shades, you can simply apply the lip pencil and blot your lips for a more muted stained effect. These are very creamy and glide on smoothly and are very highly pigmented. I was actually very surprised at how much I liked them. The only downside was the price.

As for the packaging, I have never really like the “crayon” type lip pencils simply because I feel like a kid drawing on my face, but that’s my personal preference. The one complaint I do have about the packaging is with the lids. They are easy to remove, but unfortunately the lid doesn’t want to stay on very well. Because of this I have had the lid fall off a couple of mine and it messed up the lip color. For the price the lids should be better quality and remain on.

NARS Satin Lip Pencils

NARS Lip Pencil 03 NARS Lip Pencil 01

  • Floralies – Light Apricot (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Biscayne Park – Pink Guava (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Lodhi – Vibrant Coral (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Palais Royal – Sangria (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Majella – Garnet (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Luxembourg – Vivid Watermelon (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Yu – Shocking Pink (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Isola Bella – Peach Beige (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Rikugien – Rose Pink (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Het Loo – Cognac (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Golshan – Spiced Wine (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Hyde Park – Cardinal Red (Amazon) (Sephora) (NARS)
  • Jardin de Plante – Fuchsia (NARS)

NARS Lipstick Swatches 01

NARS Lipstick Swatches 02


  • Non Drying
  • Creamy
  • Moisturizing
  • Give a Nice Stained Effect
  • Very Highly Pigmented


  • Price
  • Packaging

So let me know what you all think of these new lip pencils if you already have them or if you buy a few for yourself. And I hope each and everyone of you are staying happy and healthy!



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