A Day At Clean Cult LDN.

In case you missed all the promotions of the event, Clean Cult was organised by the Call It Vanity & Clean Beauty Co. girls as a niche event to showcase the best of green beauty right here in the UK. There were 10 brands there on the day showing off their wares, with nibbles, superfood cocktails and lots of chance to chat and catch up with fellow green beauty babes, too. I arrived at 3pm and stayed until 6 and it just wasn’t long enough, I was so busy chatting and catching up that I didn’t even get to meet with all of the brands or have a manicure from Kure Bazaar! But it was still a fab afternoon so I really can’t complain. 😉

I didn’t get any fancy photography shots as I was too busy having a good time – but here’s the few pictures that I did get…

Isla Apothecary with their gorgeous copper packaging and lush smelling scrubs and salts.

The ever lovely Jenny Cupido with her line Supernatural Beauty, it was SO lovely to meet Jenny and see the full range. I’ve blogged about the products I’ve tried in the past so click the tag at the bottom of the post if you want to know more.

Bodhi & Birch, Tabitha James Kraan and Evolve Organic Beauty!

The Skin & Tonic Table

Here’s the lovely Mavs getting her 1-minute makeover consultation from a Jane Iredale makeup artist! Sorry you’re out of focus Mavs, haha! 😉

We had a good chat with the lovely founders of Amly learning about their mist and even got to try some of the silver-rich spring water that they use in it (the toner smells so divine by the way – it’s on the list to try asap!). Keep an eye on this brand as their upcoming mists are going to be amazing too!

Oh and here’s some cool babes. You might know them..
Amber, Mayah, Sabrina, Mavs and Me!

Finally, no beauty blog event is complete without some swag. I especially love the Ecotool brushes! my new go-to eye brushes for sure and hello look at all the tiny makeup from Jane Iredale! I got a miniature of my all-time fave just kissed lip tint and I’m super excited to try the Pure Lash Extender & Conditioner. Can all makeup be this small? Then I would actually buy it and use it up.

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Model Memories and Makeup Room Scents…

just confess you're obsessed

Beauty products that remind me of my first few years as a model: Elnett hairspray (I have been fumigated with this stuff to within an inch of my life); Eight Hour Cream from Elizabeth Arden (makeup artists used to use this sticky concoction for everything, including glossing eyelids and adding sheen to arms and legs) and Benefit’s Bathina Body So Fine, a creamy balm in a cool-looking tin that had to be applied with a vintage-style powder-puff. All of these have quite strong, recognisable scents and when I smell them now, I’m instantly transported back to 2001 and my first ever modelling jobs; standing having my hair tweaked and kohl pencil stuck in my eyes and trying not to fall over in ridiculously high shoes.

I have to be honest; I never really got all of the hype with Bathina Body So Fine. Yes it gave arms and legs a bit of a shine, but no more so than a dollop of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. Nevertheless, I used to quite enjoy having it buffed on with that spongey thing; I’d usually be standing in a freezing cold studio or some godforsaken beach and would welcome a bit of a brisk rubbing down! There was nothing like a bit of Bathina to get the old circulation going. At any rate, I grew to love the smell of it; my first years as a model were an amazing time of travel and adventure and I don’t think I’ll ever forget the scents of the hair and makeup room! Melted hair extensions, Bumble & Bumble Prep Spray

Anyway, to cut a long story short, Benefit have launched a new Bathina product. Soapy-smelling and girly, the new Bathina Scented Body Mist (“just confess, you’re obsessed”) is alcohol free, so you can spritz away to your heart’s content, even if you’re going to the beach or lying out on a tin roof. I think that Bathina smells like a good quality bubble bath; it’s comforting and peachy and completely frivolous. Not the kind of fragrance you’d wear to make a statement, perhaps, but if you like to create a boudoir atmosphere in your bedroom or bathroom, it’s just the ticket. It’s vintage feather boas and cute dressing table ornaments, paper-lined lingerie drawers and seamed silk stockings.

You can find Bathina Scented Body Mist at LookFantastic.com – it’s £24.50 with free delivery.

Read more fragrance reviews….

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My Christmas Wishlist (The Gift Guide for Girls)

christmas gift guide for women

I’ve sort of restyled my last gift guide video because it occurred to me that I had a million and one things to include in my Gift Guide for Girls, but only some of them were things that I would genuinely be excited to find under the Christmas tree. So this is my pick of the best – my Christmas Wishlist. Which does err on the expensive side, I’m afraid, but if you can’t go luxury on your wishlist, when can you?

Browse more Christmas posts…

There are many, many highlights in this video (it is a wishlist, after all!) but a couple are time-sensitive, so I’ll flag them up: Bobbi Brown are currently offering a full-size Long Wear Eye Pencil in Black Chocolate with every purchase online. I’ve just tested it with a cream shadow and bingo – there’s my pencil in the basket. No code necessary, it gets added automatically. The site is here.

The other offer (and I’m really not sure how long this is on for) is the Elemis Marine Dream Set which is currently £169.15 and worth almost £400. You can find that at John Lewis here – apologies if it’s not at that price when you read this, I expect it’s for a limited time only. Though it’s still a nice saving at the usual price of £199, if you’re a Marine Cream user!

Here’s the vid – the full list of things on my wishlist is copied below, as usual, for quick reference. Enjoy, email it to your nearest and dearest if you spot anything you like! I’m particularly enamoured with the Nuuna lips notebook (pictured above) – it has the softest leather cover and is pretty sexy. I may have to buy it in both colours!

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The Pillow Spray for Instant Deep Sleep.

deep sleep pillow spray plus

I have a proper thing for This Works’ original Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I get twitchy without it. It sends me into the kind of deep sleep that could only otherwise be achieved after a couple of large glasses of heavy Chianti and an episode of the Antiques Roadshow. (No offence to the AR, which is something of a British institution; it’s not the content, it’s the timing. There’s nothing like a Sunday Slumber. Waking up with a cricked neck where you’ve tried to get comfy on the sofa.) This Works’ Pillow Spray is just, to excuse the pun, a restless person’s dream. If you’re the sort who tosses and turns for half the night, thinking about tax bills and emails you haven’t sent and whether your Mum is offended that you didn’t text her back, then you need a bottle of this. I was sceptical that it could ever work on me, but it did. First time, straight off the bat, and every time since then, which amounts to (by now) hundreds of times.

Let me just say this: I am not an insomniac. Never have been. I struggle with letting my mind rest, but I’ve never felt short of sleep. It’s just those initial worrying minutes when, if you don’t time things exactly right, you find yourself filling your mind with pointless drivel and missing the sleep boat. The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray eliminates the risk of missing the sleep boat by knocking you out as effectively as a spade to the back of the head. Those with serious sleep problems; I can’t vouch that this will solve them. But it will definitely go a long way towards soothing your thoughts, relaxing your body and setting the scene for a proper, uninterrupted sleep.

this works deep sleep range review

And now, music to mine ears, there’s an even better version! Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray, which has the fragrance encapsulated so that it releases throughout the night rather than all in one hit. I don’t mind having it all in one hit, but it makes sense to have a slow-release system and I like the idea that it’s all re-wafting about the place as I’m dreaming about being chased down the river in the kayak by a giant duck. I can’t honestly say that it’s vastly different to the original, and that’s because I am asleep when it’s all happening. (My testing abilities have a limit.) The non-plus side of this spray is that it costs nearly a whole tenner more – original spray is £16, usurper is £25. I’ll keep you posted if I notice a big difference – in the meanwhile, you can find both versions at This Works here.

This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

And now for something else snore-inducing; the Deep Sleep Body Therapy Spray-On Body Treatment. I like this a lot. It reminds me of the In-Transit Spray-On Moisture except that it’s for body and it smells all comforting and lavendery. I like the body oil from the same range, but sometimes I can’t be arsed with a body oil before bed, especially if Mr Bear the cat comes and rubs himself around my ankles, sticking a layer of hair to me. A light mist with the same relaxing scent is right up my street. Oh God, I’m writing this at the Sudden Energy Slump Hour (3pm) and my head is almost on the desk! Please, please please, This Works – you have to make an antidote to the Deep Sleep! (The Revive oils from Aromatherapy Associates are excellent for this, actually – you can find those here.) The Body Therapy Spray, with it’s lovely hydrating finish and calming scent, is £20 here.

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Melvita Bourbon Geranium Floral Water

Melvita Bourbon Geranium Floral Water

Facial sprays are a summer staple in my fridge – Mr BBB complains he can’t find the ketchup for “effing flower sprays”. Thankfully he has never muddled the two – chips and geraniums, anyone? Melvita Bourbon Geranium Floral Water is … Read more

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