Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Participation in a blog should never be considered to be completely private. Posting to a blog or providing comments on someone else’s posting obviously presents your opinions and some level of personal information to the global community who may view the website. The user should take the appropriate caution when presenting such opinions under the understanding that they will be viewed by others.

BloCosmetics does not reveal or in any way use the identity of those posting articles or making comments.

BloCosmetics is powered by WordPress. To a degree, WordPress’s terms of use and privacy policy apply to BloCosmetics. BloCosmetics is not responsible for anything that the underlying WordPress software or hosting systems may do with respect to cookies or bloggers’ identities. Users should review WordPress’s policies and adhere accordingly, or take the appropriate caution as is necessary.

Many web sites use “cookies” to identify return visitors or for statistical tracking purposes, such as to track the hit rate on specific content. At this time we do not use cookies to gather any specific information about you. If in the future we begin using cookies for such purposes, we will alter this policy to reflect that. If the use of cookies is a concern to you, you may configure your web browser to restrict the placement of cookies on your computer.

If you elect to contact us through our web site to request information or download certain content, you may have to provide your email address and other information such as your name, address and phone number. This is entirely voluntary on your part and at no time are you obligated to do so, although it may be a prerequisite to obtain certain information. BloCosmetics keeps all such information confidential. We do not sell, lease or otherwise share this information with any third party without your express written consent.

BloCosmetics is hosted at 3rd party hosting facilities (WordPress). While such facilities contain security to protect all hosted content and information transferred, no absolute guarantees can be made regarding unauthorized access or viewing of such content.

BloCosmetics reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at:

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