Tarte “Gorgeous Getaways” Palette Review

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I’m continuing my reviews of all the major makeup companies’ holiday palettes! I know, I know- it’s a tough job reviewing and trying out makeup palettes 😉  Today’s review is for the Tarte Gorgeous Getaways palette.  Hopefully this helps you decide which palettes to buy and which ones to pass!

Tarte Palette 01

The Packaging

I love the overall concept behind this. It comes in a standard cardboard box with 2 tiers inside. The first tier contains 4 separate quads. Each quad contains 4 eyeshadows and a blush for a total of 16 full size eyeshadows and 4 full size blushes. The palette opens up to a large mirror on the inside and YES the top of the palette remains open so you can use it to apply your makeup with ease. The bottom tier holds a gold compact and 3 full size lipglosses. Each quad can be easily removed and placed into the compact which makes it ideal to drop in your purse or makeup bag to take on the go. The size of the entire palette is somewhat bulky but that is to be expected with this much product.

Tarte Palette 02


As always, the quality of Tarte’s products are amazing.  They are not only pigmented, but also blend easily and have great staying power.  Tarte did a wonderful job combining both matte and shimmer finishes so you can do a multitude of looks with this. There aren’t any over the top vibrant shades in here, instead Tarte combined much more wearable and everyday colors that will look great on everyone. As for the blushes, they are very pigmented and blend into the skin very easily. I’ve ALWAYS loved Tarte’s blushes.  The lip glosses are also pigmented, but are just slightly tacky.

Tarte Palette 03

Eyeshadow Colors

  • Serengeti Sand – Matte Beige
  • Buckingham Palace – Shimmery Grey with Purple Tones
  • Rocky Mountains – Dark Warm Taupe
  • Bordeaux – Deep Shimmery Plum
  • Gold Coast – Metallic Gold
  • Eiffel Tower – Matte Charcoal Grey
  • Space Needle – Warm Shimmery Taupe
  • Midnight in Paris – Dark Charcoal Blue
  • Taj Mahal – Champagne Shimmer
  • Grand Canyon – Muted Matte Orange
  • Big Ben – Matte Taupe
  • Central Park – Matte Black Forest Green
  • Santorini Bikini – Shimmery Soft Pink
  • Great Sphynx – Shimmery Bronze/Brown
  • Pacific Sunset – Metallic Copper
  • Belgian Chocolate – Deep Satin Brown with Red Undertones


  • Savvy – Matte Rose
  • Ambitious – Matte Pink/Plum
  • Spontaneous – Bubblegum Pink with a Slight Shimmer
  • Lighthearted – Bright Pink


  • Czech Me Out – Rose with a Gold Shimmer
  • New York Minute – Bubblegum Pink
  • When in Rome – Pink/Coral

Price:   $48.00

Where to Buy:   Ulta   

I give this palette a big 2 thumbs up! I appreciate all the though that went into the palette and how useful they have made it. The quality of the makeup is very high and you get a lot of product for a very reasonable price. It is important to note this is available only at Ulta as it was an exclusive for them.

Hopefully, this will help you narrow down which palette you want to check out this season for yourself or for someone else. I hope you are all staying happy and healthy and have fun shopping!



Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Swacthes 01  Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Swacthes 02 Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Swacthes 03 Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Swacthes 04

Tarte 'Gorgeous Getaways' Gloss Swacthes

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