The “Tarte of Giving” Palette Review

Hello Makeup Geeks! As you all know, every year around the holidays I go on my search for the best makeup palettes. I review each of them individually, then at the end I pick my favorite one of the year.

Today we are going to review the Tarte “The Tarte of Giving” Palette. So let’s see what Tarte has to offer this time. 🙂

Tarte of Giving Palette 04


I can’t tell you how much I adore this packaging! I think packaging a palette in something that is reusable is brilliant. It always makes me feel as if I am getting a something little extra for Christmas. 🙂 Tarte always excels when it comes to this, and this year was no exception. They packaged this palette exclusively made for Sephora in their signature purple shade.  It has gold accents and large pockets for storing makeup as well as a clear bag that is removable.  It has a gold hanger for easy storage. It’s sturdy and will be a great addition to store or travel with you makeup. This is brilliant! The palette hold a MASS amount of products! You will find 20 x .07 eyeshadows, 8 x 0.59 maracuja lipglosses, a 0.23 Deluxe Pure Maracuja Oil, 0.08 Deluxe Maracuja Oil C-Brightener Eye Treatment, a 0.05 blush, 0.17 Deluxe Cheek Stain, 0.16 Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara, and of course the makeup bag. SHEW…That is a lot of product!

Tarte of Giving Palette 03


The palette is broken down into 4 sections of eyeshadows with 5 shades in each section. The colors in each section work together for everything you need to build an type of look you want from natural to dramatic. As always, Tarte’s eyeshadows are butter smooth and have a creamy velvet texture that glides on smoothly and evenly and are easy to blend. The pigmentation is great and there are some really beautiful but unique shades in this. The staying power on these are great and the wear a long time without creasing or fading. I also love that they named the colors after items from the staff’s childhood memories.

Top Row L to R

Quad 1

  • Kim’s Porcelain Doll – Frosted White with Blue Micoglitters
  • Jen’s Jump Rope – Medium/Dark Matte Cool Toned Grey
  • Scott’s Skate Board – Shimmery Cool Blue with Blue Shimmer
  • Staci’s Charm Bracelet – Metallic Silver
  • Nuria’s Boombox – Matte Black

Quad 2

  • Leah’s Locket – Shimmery/Metallic Gold
  • Candace’s Tap Shoes – Dark Satin Grey with Blue Undertones
  • Ally’s Bicycle – Shimmery/Metallic Silver Taupe
  • Maureen’s Soccer Ball – Medium/Dark Taupe Brown with Shimmer
  • Claire’s Cashmere Gloves – Medium Silver Grey

Bottom Row L to R

Quad 3

  • Steph’s Pearls – Frosted White with a Pink Undertone
  • Jess’s Storybook – Frosted Pale Mauve
  • Erica’s Dollhouse – Frosted Pale Pink
  • Meredith’s Hula Hoop – Dark Cool Toned Puple
  • Sam’s Ice Skates – Dense Dark Cool Purple with a Slight Shimmer

Quad 4

  • Bianca’s Color Book –  Matte Cream
  • Anna’s Tea Set – Light Shimmery Cream/Tan with a Hint of Peach
  • Daniel’s Teddy Bear – Tan with a Slight Gold Shimmer
  • Tom’s Stuffed Tiger – Shimmer Warm Gold/Pink
  • Kate’s Puppy – Matte Chocolate Brown


Memorable – Slight Shimmery Plum/Pink


  • Finn – Strawberry Pink
  • Lizzy – Purple/Pink
  • John – Cool Red
  • Ro – Light Baby Pink
  • Kam – Coral/Peach with Gold Shimmer
  • Vince – Bubblegum Pink
  • Sully – Berry
  • Spence – Peachy/Pink

Price:    $59.00

Where to Buy:    Sephora, Amazon, eBay

Tarte of Giving Palette 02

From the mascara to the maracujo oil and cheekstain, all the products in this are simply amazing!!!!

Tarte of Giving Palette 01

I know this was a long post but Tarte has outdone themselves with all the products in this. There is so much that is beyond the price they are asking for it. I give this a BIG two thumbs up!

If you have this or are planning on picking this up, let me know what you think. I hope this helps in your Christmas shopping. Stay warm out there Makeup Geeks!!!



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