Why I decided to get a Texture Release

hihi everyone I hope all is well. After many months of researching about texture releases, I finally got mine done at Maison Style by Andree! Like a few days ago lool

So why did I decide to get a texture release? This year, I really want to unlock my hair’s potential. I’ve been natural for the last 13 years and in the last 2-3 years my hair has taken a back (backkk) seat, I did more braids than usual and wore wigs more often, treating my hair once in a while. At the end of last year, I realized the state of my hair wasn’t great, so I made a decision to put in more effort this year. Lots of previous posts on this. Start here

I decided to wear my own hair out more this year so I could learn more about it and treat it more frequently and this is where TRs comes in. I prefer to wear my hair in a stretched state and I would also like to use heat more on my hair and a texture release (TR) will help with me with manageability. In the last 13 years, I haven’t tried anything new with my hair, not even a silk press girl, so a TR will be a new thing to try.

What is a Texture Release?

According to Avlon, the manufacturers of the system, it is a heat activated Smoothing System that features Amino Acids and Conditioning Agents that crosslink deep into the hair fibers to enable styling versatility. There are no at home kits in the UK, it can only be done professionally.

  • It is not a relaxer
  • It is not a keratin treatment
  • It is not permanent
  • It is not synonymous with heat damage but can lead to it if not done properly
  • It is smoothing treatment activated by heat
  • The ‘active ingredients’ are amino acids and glyoxylic acid
  • It is semi permanent- it will wash out between 10 to 12 washes but a lot of people say it lasts much longer

My Experience

I got mine done at Maison Style by Andree. I chose her because I felt like she had the most knowledge on the system based on all her videos I have watched and I learnt a lot from her Q&As too. I felt comfortable with my decision to go there. I decided to get the TR done back in December however because the state of my hair wasn’t great, I gave myself enough time to improve my hair’s state so April/May was the D-day! To prep my hair for this, I focused on my moisture/protein balance, got a trim and stuck to a good hair routine. It paid off because my hair felt great before the TR and afterwards too. Whilst shampooing my hair, the lady commented on how hydrated my hair felt! I felt so proud, she said my hair was in good condition. My TR came with a trim and Andree also commented that I didn’t actually have a lot of split ends, I just needed a quick dusting. I am so happy that all the hard work and extra effort I put into my hair over the last few months has paid off and it encourages me to keep going. My length is back to where I cut it last March and I’m still pushing for waist length hair!

Im working on a full review on the salon and I will write more about my texture release experience- stay tuned!

Follow up

I plan to write a few aftercare TR blog posts because I found it difficult to see a lot of videos on this. I watched a few 1st wash days after TR but nothing after that. I will do a 3 & 6 monthly post TR check in as well as ongoing stuff I notice about the change- I really hope you find this helpful. I also didnt see a lot of videos on fine 4c hair with a TR so Im hoping this is also helpful to someone!

That’s all for now. Are you planning any big hair changes? Let me know in the comments below!

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